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Have You Heard Of Ombre Shading?

By now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of microblading. But have you heard of ombre shading? Well this is a bit like the evolution of microblading and it’s probably something you should become familiar with if you’re planning to have work done on your brows this year.

Entertainment Tonight recently provided everything you need to know about ombre shading, including how it can be used in conjunction with microblading to give you your perfect brows.

Leading cosmetic tattoo artist Christina Son explained how it’s different to microblading.

Ombre shading is still semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, but it provides a “soft shaded brow pencil look”, she said.

Microblading uses individual hair-like strokes to give the appearance of natural hair, as opposed to what you get from ombre shading, which is a pencilled look. Ms Son added: “The beauty of shading is that it can be combined with microblading to achieve a realistic look.”

She also revealed that shading can be suitable for people with all different skin types, whereas microblading isn’t ideal for people with certain skin types.

For instance, Ms Son explained that people with oily skin types aren’t best suited to microblading alone because the constant oil production in their skin can “cause the hair strokes to heal powdery and diffused”.

Shading, on the other hand, is suitable even for people with oily skin and using both techniques can achieve great results.

If you’ve been hesitant about microblading, now might be the time to book an appointment for semi permanent eyebrows in Hull given that the trend for natural brows isn’t set to go anywhere soon.

Marie Claire recently noted that another of the year’s top makeup trends - pastel eyeshadows and vibrant lip colours - works best when combined with “gorgeous balmy skin and natural groomed brows”.

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