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Have You Heard Of Eyebrow Extensions?

You might well be familiar with the concept of microblading by now, and even have booked microblading in Hull to give your brows a fuller look.

However, a new beauty trend that’s sweeping in is eyebrow extensions. These differ slightly from microblading in that they involve attaching actual fibres to the skin or eyebrow hair, rather than tattooing hairs onto the skin, Elle explained.

These fibres are glued to the eyebrow, and therefore they gradually fall out over time. The best results come from using very fine hairs to achieve a natural look.

Clementina Richardson, who offers the treatment at her New York beauty salon Envious Lashes, told the publication that eyebrow extensions are great, but that they don’t last as long as microblading. They’re also more expensive, so she recommends saving them for special occasions.

She added that they provide the texture and depth that’s lacking from microbladed eyebrows. Though. “More people are looking at extensions to add definition, volume, or a more defined arch,” Ms Richardson noted.

Extensions can also be a good option if you’d like to try something new, but don’t want to commit to microblading which is longer lasting.

The procedure can take up to two hours though, so be prepared for a long visit with your beautician. Each fibre is applied individually, with Ms Richardson explaining that they shouldn’t all be placed at the same angle. “It takes precision and patience. It’s an art,” she asserted.

If you’re not ready to try extensions or microblading, you might just be looking for some tips to fill your brows. One of the best things to do is brush your eyebrows before you begin. Avoid the temptation to plaster on the product. To get a natural look, less is definitely more.

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