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Get Excessive Sweating Treatment Before The Summer Heat

It’s this time of the year when Brits start to panic about getting their bodies ready for the summer, whether they want to drop a dress size before hitting the beach, have their bikini line and legs waxed, or book semi-permanent make-up appointments so they don’t have to worry about their eyeliner running in the water.

Something else they might consider having a treatment for is their excessive sweating, which is more scientifically known as hyperhidrosis. 

This condition affects around one per cent of the population, but for those who do suffer, it can be really embarrassing, impacting their daily lives. 

It is not really known why some people excessively sweat, but it is thought to be controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. That is why they tend to sweat more when they are going through periods of fear or stress. 

Of course, the more conscious they are of their sweating, the more stressed they can become and so the vicious cycle continues. 

People suffer from the condition all year round, but with the temperatures on the edge of increasing as we approach the summer months, it could become more obvious and problematic for them. 

The good news is that hyperhidrosis can be treated by injecting botulinum toxin into the affected area. This blocks the nerve that activates the sweat glands, preventing them from releasing acetylcholine, which is responsible for producing sweat. 

Patients normally see results within a week, and the injections typically last a few months at a time before they need to be administered again. 

This means anyone booking an appointment now can be confident they will be sweat-free throughout the summer!

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