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Forget Stereotypes: Microblading Can Be For Men Too

With wedding season fast approaching, we will be busy providing microblading to a lot of customers. Many of those will be brides wanting their brows to look wonderful before their big day, while their bridesmaids could be doing the same.

However, while all this is going on, it may come as a surprise to some to learn that microblading can be for men as well.

It might not be the sort of thing you see on many front covers of fashion magazines, but for men who like to be well-groomed, microblading fits well with making everything else look immaculate. It can particularly appeal to men whose brows are thinning or lacking follicles, allowing them to regain that fuller look.

The treatment itself is exactly the same for men and women alike, with the pigment being added through a series of tiny cuts and lasting up to 18 months. The only real difference is for practitioners, as men’s brows tend to have slightly less curved contours than those of ladies.

Now is the last time to get it done before the hot weather of summer kicks in, as the brows may be a little red and sore for a while and shouldn’t be exposed to the hot sun - although a hat is a good idea. Managing the healing process is important in order to ensure you have the look you want.

Whether you are a groom looking to be well groomed and have eyebrows as neat and stylish as your bride, or a man who simply wants to look great this summer and beyond, microblading really can be for you.

It may be that not everybody acknowledges this and it may surprise some of our other customers to see you coming in for this treatment, but you will find any scepticism soon melts away when people see the fantastic results.

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