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Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Extensions

Having well defined eyebrows is a beauty goal for many of us, and there are a number of ways in which you can achieve this if you’re not lucky enough to have great eyebrows naturally.

Paying for microblading eyebrows in Hull is just one option, and it’s a great way to bring a bit more shape to your brows and make them look naturally thicker. But there’s a new trend that’s grabbing attention too - eyebrow extensions.

Cosmopolitan recently explained exactly what the treatment is and how it can make your brows look wonderful.

The best way to think of eyebrow extensions is in the same way as you would lash extensions. During an appointment, individual hairs will be glued onto your brows. They’re fully customisable and can be used to fill in areas where you hairs are a little sparse, or to reshape your arch.

They can also be a good option for anyone who has recently suffered hair loss, as the extensions can reconstruct your eyebrows in a highly natural way.

However, eyebrow extensions aren’t ideal for everyone. The publication pointed out that if you have oily skin they’re a treatment to steer clear of. This is because the extensions will come off much more easily if your skin is naturally oily.

Eyebrow extensions are also nowhere near as long-lasting as the results you get from microblading - typically they’ll stay on for around two weeks. This means they’re great if you just want to have fuller eyebrows for a special occasion, but if you’re looking for something that will give that effect day in, day out, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

Women’s Health magazine recently offered a list of reasons why you might notice that your brows are thinning. This can be a natural part of ageing, as well as be a side effect of a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema.

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