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Could Microblading Be The Answer In Hot Weather?

The hot weather might mean sunbathing in the garden, weekend barbecues with friends, and even a chance to enjoy the beach. But it can also be a disaster for ladies who rely on make-up pencils to fill in their patchy eyebrows.

We’ve had glorious weather for a couple of weeks, but things are starting to heat up even more, with the mercury now having reached 32.2C in Surrey earlier this week, making it the hottest day of the year so far.

While many might love the chance to top up their tan, nobody likes to wear heavy make-up when it is boiling outside, for fear it will all drip off as soon as you step foot outside the door.

This is particularly the case if you don’t have much in the way of eyebrows so have to meticulously draw them on every day, filling in those thin areas and creating the perfect arch.

You could spend ages on your brows only to find they become a sweaty mess after half an hour in the sunshine.

The solution to this, therefore, is to book in for semi-permanent eyebrows in Hull. This form of tattooing creates a filled-in brow that most certainly does not melt away in the heat.

It works by using tiny needles to add pigment to the skin, which is designed to look like eyebrow hairs. Therefore, they appear as natural and realistic-looking as possible, but the best part is they stay on whatever the weather!

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