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Cindy Crawford Reveals Secrets Behind Supermodel Looks

Cindy Crawford was the queen of the catwalk in the 1990s – but 20 years on and the former supermodel is still as hot as she was then. And according to the 53-year-old, this is thanks to her strict make-up routine, which includes her new cosmetics brand Meaningful Beauty.

The mother-of-two videoed herself putting on her face for Vogue’s US website earlier this week, as an opportunity to promote her latest venture, which uses antioxidants from a type of melon that grows in the south of France.

She claims this is the secret behind her youthful skin in the eight-minute clip, an article in the Daily Mail revealed.

Among the 13 products she used in the video were an activating serum, lifting eye cream, de-puffing globes, moisturiser, liquid foundation, and Nars concealer.

When it came to her make-up, she kept it simple with powder, eyebrow definer, eyeshadow, mascara and, finally, blusher.

The supermodel admitted that she has started to wear less make-up as she gets older, adding: “But that also means taking care of your skin is more important because you are not covering it up with make-up.”

That is why the star launched Meaningful Beauty – to help “restore, protect, revitalise and renew my skin”.

She stated these products, as well as avoiding the sun, not smoking, getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water helps women stay “looking and feeling good at any age”.

The products include plumping lip-gloss, overnight retinol repairing cream, ultra-lifting and filling treatment, and dark spot correcting lotion.

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