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Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows can make such a difference to a woman’s appearance, framing her face and defining its shape and structure. That is why model Chrissy Teigen decided to have the cosmetic procedure done, so she can enjoy fuller, even eyebrows day in, day out.

The wife of singer John Legend told her 36.8 million Instagram followers about having the brow transplant, which involves hair from the back of the head being inserted into the eyebrow line.

Last month, she released a video introducing her new arches, with the mother-of-two saying: “Welcome, new brow hairs!!!!” The post has proved so popular, it has amassed nearly 140,000 likes over the last month alone.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Asim Shahmalak talked to Harper’s Bazaar about the procedure, which typically costs £5,000. He said this treatment was becoming increasingly popular in the UK among those who historically over-plucked their brows; have experienced trichotillomania, which involves compulsively pulling out eyebrow hairs; and those who have had physical trauma to that area, resulting in hair loss.

The doctor explained hair is removed under local anaesthetic and re-inserted to the area one at a time, with the procedure usually taking between three and four hours to complete.

It has a high success rate of up to 98 per cent and is relatively pain-free, taking just four days to heal. However, the brows need time to grow and, actually, shed first.

Dr Shahmalak added: “It takes one year for the full growth to take place. Then, it lasts for a lifetime.”

However, it is an expensive procedure that takes time to see results. Women who want to transform their brows much more quickly should consider microblading in Hull instead, with clients showing off amazing brows in no time.

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