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Charlotte Tilbury Bringing More Understated Look To Red Carpets

Make-up artist to A-list celebrities who are ready to start Hollywood’s awards season Charlotte Tilbury has been sharing some of her beauty secrets and top trends with Vogue.

The beauty expert revealed that she’s bringing a look that’s “more understated” to the red carpet, commenting that “this, for me, is what makes it more modern - and infinitely cooler”.

So, how can you recreate this look yourself? You need to make sure you start with a “glowy base” she told the publication, and that you top this off with a “flawless filter effect”.

When it comes to eye make-up, Ms Tilbury is all for using paler tones rather than opting for the ever-popular smokey eyed look. She said that she’s using “oyster and champagne tones” to introduce “a certain freshness to classic Hollywood make-up”.

Although scarlett lips are still a go-to for many Hollywood starlets, and a look that Ms Tilbury still likes, she’s also been looking to use “rose petal colours” on the lips of those she’s making up.

She added that all of this is coming about because celebrities want to be the best version of themselves when they hit the red carpet, and to keep some of their natural charm on display.

One area that you may be particularly conscious of is your eyebrows. The trend for thicker and fuller eyebrows is still very popular, and if you have any patches that you regularly have to fill in with an eyebrow pencil, you may want to consider microblading in Hull this year.

This procedure can fill in the gap in your brow and will look much more natural than if you have to draw your whole brow on with a pencil to make it look even.

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