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Celebrities Dying Their Eyebrows Blonde In Bizarre Trend

We often look to our favourite celebrities when we want to seek out the latest fashion and beauty trends, but the latest bizarre trend being enjoyed by celebs is to bleach eyebrows blonde to give the appearance they are not actually there.

Page Six reports that the bleached blonde brows trend is popular with Kim Kardashian, Maisie Williams, Katy Perry, and Lizzo, who have all been spotted rocking the style, and have been turning heads with their rather strange appearance.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd when you’re getting the right angles for the ‘Gram, then maybe it could be the look for you.

To find out why celebs are bleaching their brows, stylist to the stars Alexx Mayo told Page Six that she has performed the procedure on Lizzo.

She said: “We constantly have this 'parking lot' of ideas and this was something I have been wanting to do for a while.

“A few days before, I found this image of a '90s supermodel... I showed it to her and she loved it, so I told her, ‘I think it's time.’"

Mayo said the whole process takes about 20 minutes, and with only needing bleach and developer, is a rather inexpensive treatment.

According to Mayo, Lizzo’s reaction was “Wow! I have no brows!”, and that she ‘immediately felt very editorial’, although we speculate what she means by that!.

The make-up artist added: “In beauty, I think we are getting to a point of self-expression and blurring the lines of the standards of beauty.

“It's a bold statement.”

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