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Can Eyebrows Grow Back?

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the eyebrows serve as its window frame, and the right brow design can transform your look.

This year has seen a wide range of extreme brow styles to take full advantage of this, from the continued popularity of the bushy brow popularised by Emily Ratajkowski to the unfortunate popularity of bleached brows and the shaved look.

Even the infamous pencil-thin brow look popularised in the 1990s has made a comeback thanks to the Y2K trend, but one question that lingers in the mind of people who pick up the tweezers is whether their brow hairs will grow back after being plucked or threaded.

The answer can very much depend on how the brow hair was removed, but in a lot of cases, eyebrow hair will grow back, the same way that hair on your scalp will typically regrow after falling out.

As long as the hair follicle is there and is not too damaged it will grow back, and the typical cycle for brow hairs to grow fully is up to 16 weeks, although this can vary considerably depending on if you are using any treatments and what your brows look like normally.

If you have naturally quite fine brows, they are unlikely to suddenly become bushy, for example.

Some hair treatments can help. Minoxidil, typically used for hair under the name Regaine, can help to stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients to the follicles, improving hair growth the same way it does on the scalp.

Make sure to do a patch test first to ensure your skin is comfortable with it, however. Treatments containing bimatoprost, as well, can extend the time your hair is in the growth phase, helping to create longer brow hairs and fuller brows since the hair continues to grow for longer.

Ultimately, as long as your treatment is not so intense as to cause scarring over your eyebrow follicles or damage them beyond repair, there is a good chance they will grow back, and semi-permanent solutions such as microblading are available in case they do not.

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