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Can Exfoliating Help Thicken Your Eyebrows?

Thick eyebrows have been a strong and growing trend over the past year, and they can become an iconic part of your look.

Studies even confirm this; research from the University of Lethbridge found that when people were asked to identify celebrities without their eyes and then without their eyebrows, the participants struggled to identify celebrities without these vital framing features.

For people who naturally had thicker brows they struggled to tame, that is fine, but for sparser eyebrows, this was more of an issue as bushy brows dominated fashion trends.

However, one brow expert claims that exfoliating your eyebrows can help encourage growth and make your eyebrows look thicker.

Exfoliation using a natural gentle scrub is a major part of people’s skincare routine as it helps get rid of dead skin cells and encourage new skin cells to grow, giving you a more youthful appearance.

However, experts have also claimed that you can exfoliate the skin under your brows as well using a light exfoliant and a circular motion once a week.

Our eyebrows can retain makeup and debris, so exfoliation will also help to lift and remove this as well.

On the other hand, moisturiser should be avoide

If you want to fill in your brows at home, the biggest mistake people make is to overfill the top area with a brow pencil, instead of using powder and other softer fills.

Alternatively, if you want hassle-free semi-permanent eyebrows and microblading in Hull, get in touch today.

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