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Beauty Innovations That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence

The beauty industry is valued at over £400 billion globally as many women and men invest in improving their looks and wellbeing. It’s safe to say that today’s adults care a lot about fitness and their body image and we all want to feel beautiful and look the best we can.

Unless you are one of the 0.05 per cent of the population born with perfect skin and facial features, we need some beauty techniques and products to enhance and retain the looks we want to achieve. Some techniques have also become invaluable to those who have been suffering from illnesses or cancer and need a confidence boost.

We have a look at some of the beauty innovations that can help make you look and feel wonderful again.

1. Microblading

Many women spend a lot of time managing their eyebrows, from waxing, threading, or tinting. Our eyebrows can make us look sharp, fierce or soft.

Microblading is a refined semi-permanent tattooing technique which uses fine point needles to allow our eyebrows to retain their ideal shape and colour without any additional effort. It typically takes two to three hours to get done, and can last between six to nine months, and can be touched up once or twice a year.

2. Face Roller

As the name implies, a face roller is a small handle with one or two rolling pins attached at the end. You can use it to massage and tighten the skin on your face. Massaging the4 skin helps keep it tight and firm and enhances the blood circulation. It can also help reduce puffiness in the mornings. The benefits are similar to Botox but without the use of chemicals.

3. Eyelash Growth Serum

We all desire long, lush eyelashes to help accentuate our eyes, adding volume and liveliness to our looks. While many women have experimented with eyelash extensions, it can be quite an expensive beauty regime and needs regular infills.

Eyelash growth serum is applied as you would mascara and helps boost the growth and health of your natural lashes.

If you’re looking for microblading in Hull, book an appointment today!

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