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Beauty Essentials To Bring On Holiday

If ever there was a time to go on holiday with just hand luggage, this is it, thanks to the dreadful news of lost luggage and endless queues over the last few weeks. However, packing all your beauty essentials in one small clear plastic bag is no easy feat – that is why we’re here to help.

Make-up remover cloth

Holidaymakers have been forced to wait up to three hours at Gatwick Airport for their baggage, according to reports in the Daily Mail, which could tempt anyone to ditch their product-intense beauty regime for something simpler.

Firstly, while cleansing and toning is key to healthy-looking skin, when you are short on space, ditch these for make-up remover cloths instead, which do not take up room in your liquids bag.


With more room for toiletries now, ensure you pack a moisturiser with a high SPF to keep your skin hydrated in warmer countries and on those air-conditioned flights, both of which dry out your skin.

BB Cream

After getting a lovely suntan, you’re unlikely to need much coverage for your face, nor will you want to wear heavy foundation in hot weather. However, those who want a little cover-up should pack some BB Cream instead.

Waterproof mascara

Mascara is a must-have for most women, and if it’s likely you’ll be splashing in the pool, wading in the sea, or sweating while sightseeing, it is a good idea to pack a waterproof one.

Travel blogger Emily Luxton advises getting “something that can withstand sweat, tears, swimming, more sweat … everything really.”

Lip stain

Instead of heavy lipstick, which could run in the heat, opt for a lip stain or tinted lip balm. These will give your lips a splash of colour, protect your lips against drying out in the sunshine, and will stay put all day long.

Book yourself in for microblading in Hull and you won’t have to worry about packing eyebrow pens too.

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