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BBC Show To Raise Awareness Of Skin Conditions

The BBC is set to debut its new show on online channel BBC Three that aims to raise awareness on skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

Six-part show, Skin, aims to debunk misconceptions surrounding a range of common skin conditions from cysts and birthmarks to acne and talks to several young adults who suffer from skin complaints.

The young people will meet with leading experts in a speciality clinic, and the episodes will focus on the mental toil that such skin conditions can have on sufferers. Some of the featured conditions include a port-wine stain, and one patient compares her acne to having ‘thousands of bugs running underneath her skin’.

There has been a slowly growing trend on social media for ‘skin positivity’, and the related hashtag on Instagram has over 87,000 posts. But the severity of some sufferers conditions has them feeling far less than positive about it.

The show aims to highlight the number of skin conditions that young people have to cope with, the treatments available too them, and how the treatments can make a difference to their men tan health, bringing hope and change for the sufferers.

According to the BBC website, “These dedicated doctors take on some of the most chronic skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, eczema and alopecia. In tackling one of the most talked-about topics for young people head-on, the results reveal life-changing moments for many.”

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