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BBC Show To Explore The History Of Makeup

A new BBC Two series presented by makeup artists Lisa Eldridge is to explore the meaning of the word ‘beauty’ and the history of makeup throughout the ages, and even how the pandemic has changed our relationship with cosmetics.

iNews reports that ‘Make-Up: A Glamorous History’ presenter Lisa explores exploring beauty trends in the Georgian, Victorian and post-war periods. The three-part documentary starts on Tuesday 20 April, with the Georgians - where men were wearing rouge and lipstick while the women piled their hair into towers topped with ostrich feathers.

Lisa said: “What we believe to be beautiful is a window on the world we’re living in,” and what we put on our faces, “says as much about an era as art, architecture and food.”

The show begins in the same week as the new series of Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star, a competition to find Britain’s top makeup artist.

As a year of the lockdown restrictions are slowly eased, many people will be questioning their relationship with makeup, for reasons of principle, time management and self-worth. Many have not been using makeup to the same extent as before the pandemic. The past 12 months have seen sales of makeup fall, except for lipstick, which has always proven to be recession-proof.

Many women will have fallen into two camps during the lockdown: those who have glammed up more than usual to conjure a sense of occasion or divide between the selves at ‘work’ and ‘home’, and those who have not bothered at all.

Make-Up: A Glamorous History (BBC Two, Tuesdays, 9 pm) and Glow Up (BBC Three, 7 pm, and BBC One 10.45 pm, Tuesdays) both celebrate artistry and self-expression and treat cosmetics and our use of them as important ways to understand society and economics.

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