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Are Cosmetics Enjoying A Post-Covid Rebound?

Covid may not have gone away, as rising cases of Omicron infections are reported around the country, but the level of threat has diminished, which is why Britons are continuing to make the most of this summer.

Whether it is the return of festivals like Glastonbury, unrestricted wedding attendances or simply the enjoyment of the chance to have summer parties, summer 2022 remains a season when most have been able to get out and enjoy themselves in ways that were either limited or impossible in the previous two years.

This may have had a significant impact on the cosmetics industry, as ladies have set out to have more done to enhance their appearance ahead of all these events.

Evidence of this has emerged in the rising fortunes on many cosmetics firms. For example, this month This is Money has separately reported on how cosmetics entrepreneur Irene Forte is considering getting new investors on board to increase output after a surge in demand for her products, while also noting that Warpaint London has enjoyed record sales this year.

Of course, in any given year one cosmetics firm will outperform another, with someone being the innovator whose new product captures the imagination or is most in line with the latest fashion trends, while others miss the mark.

However, when multiple firms are doing exceptionally well, that may suggest there is rather more to it than that.

Indeed, it is not just in Britain that this growth is happening. As Global Cosmetics News reports, French firm WAAM Cosmetics has just secured €5 million of new funding for its planned expansion, according to WWD.

All this suggests not only that there are new and popular products out there, but that now is a time when ladies everywhere are embracing the opportunities to enjoy them and look their best in this summer of freedom.

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