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3 Autumnal Beauty Trends To Try

The seasons are changing and although we’re sad to say goodbye to summer and that incredible heatwave we were blessed with, we’re looking forward to dressing up in beautiful autumnal colours, wearing snuggly jumpers and giving the latest beauty trends a go.

But what looks and trends will be rearing their heads over the next few weeks? It always pays to keep a close eye on the catwalks, not just for clothes but also for makeup and hair tips and tricks – so here are a few ideas you might be tempted to try this autumn.

White eyeliner

We agree, it’s hard enough getting black eyeliner right so you might shy away from trying to get the look with white, which will stand out a lot more – but all it takes is practice (and a steady hand). Keep the rest of your makeup pared back since this will really make your eyes pop.

Cold brew hair

Say what, now? That sounds like coffee, wouldn’t you say? Yes, yes, we would – and apparently coffee-inspired hair shades are going to be big news this autumn. Think rich deep colours and tones of mahogany, and you should be ready to rock and roll.

Glowing skin

Steer clear of heavy foundation use, powders and concealers, and replace these with layering-up of the likes of moisturisers, primes and strobing creams for a radiant glow that will have everyone seething with jealousy. Check out this article on the Vogue website to find out even more autumn and winter trends to hit up this year.

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