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Tips To Make Your Makeup Last In The Heat

Getting out in the sun is great, but it comes with its own perils, such as wasps, getting burnt in places where you forgot to apply SPF and makeup that sloughs off your face when it gets too hot.

The heat and your sweat can affect the texture of your makeup, leaving it patchy, or it to come off completely, and there are some risks involved in wearing too much makeup in extreme temperatures.

However, we have some tips to help keep your makeup on your face during the summer heat.

Do your makeup on cool skin

If you put makeup on straight after a hot shower, you know it will get melty and difficult to work with. Splash cold water on your face before applying makeup, and you’ll be off to a better start. Remember to dry your face too, as excess water won’t help!

You can always try putting your toner in the fridge then swipe over your skin with a cotton pad. It feels great, rebalances your skin, and should help your makeup go on smoothly.

Powder first

Once you’ve completed your skincare routine and primer, and not forgetting your SPF, use a large brush to sweep powder across your face for natural-looking base makeup with staying power.

Trade secret spray

Follow up any of your looks with a spritz of a setting spray. Mist over your face once you’ve done all your makeup, and it should take away some of the melt factor.

Spritz throughout the day

It’s tempting to wipe your sweaty face, but you’ll also wipe off all your makeup, so spritzing is a good workaround. When you feel too hot, cool off with a water-based spray or mist. It will help alleviate sweaty skin, and even though it may feel counterproductive to put water all over your face, it will reduce any cakiness and add a dewy, not damp, glow.

If you’re looking for semi-permanent makeup in Hull, talk to us today.

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