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KyShadows Put To The Test

Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest players in the cosmetics world, and her new eye-shadow palettes, otherwise known as Kyshadows, are creating a storm all over TikTok. So, the only thing left to do was for members of the general public to put the new products to the test and find out how good they really are.

Glamour magazine got its hands on Jenner’s two palettes, in either mauve or bronze, to see whether they are all they’re hyped up to be. The first has a selection of sparkly pink and berry-coloured shades, while the latter has plenty of golden and smoky colours.

Beauty writer for the publication Shei Mamona tried out the bronze palette and gave it a rating of 7.5 out of ten, explaining: “Although I didn’t find the palette revolutionary, it had a good enough range for my everyday glam.”

Several of the testers complained the shadow fell off the brush easily, so advised to tap it before applying to avoid make-up falling on your cheeks. Shei also decided to deduct a point due to the palette’s steep £24 price.

However, commerce writer for Glamour Denise Primbet gave the billionaire ten out of ten for the eye shadows, saying it was full of “warm and wearable everyday shades for any occasion”.

Jenner’s most famous product range is her lipkits, comprising both a lipstick and liner, and promising colour that lasts eight hours after application.

She also has a huge range of eyebrow cosmetics to help fans recreate her enviable brows. These include pencils, gels, highlighters, and brushes.

Some women might need more help with their brows than Kylie’s kits, so why not call us for microblading in Hull?

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