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Internet Divided Over The Return Of The Skinny Eyebrow

For the past decade, the fashionable eyebrow has been thick and natural looking. However, sooner or later the current 90’s revival could mean only one thing: the return of the skinny eyebrow. How you feel about this may depend on if you can remember the wispy overplucked brows that were commonplace the first time around.

However, the new style is fuller and more flattering, according to the Evening Standard. The publication reports that although more shaped and slimline than recent trends, the new brow is meant to complement the face and make the eyes appear larger.

The new trend is said to have been fuelled by Gen Z, who are watching a lot of nineties and noughties films, TV, and music videos, and as a result are copying the make-up looks on TikTok. Celebs such as Bella Hadid, Adwoa Aboah and Hailey Bieber have also posted selfies on Instagram showing off more streamlined brows.

Glamour magazine reports that there is a marked difference of opinion as to whether the thinner brows work for everyone or not. There are even apps which can filter down your brows for you so you can check out how you might look before getting busy with the tweezers.

The problem with plucking your brows too much is that the hairs grow back very slowly, or sometimes even not at all. This can leave you with permanently sparse, fine hairs which becomes aging to the face; fuller, more abundant brows tend to have a more youthful air.

If you do decide to have your eyebrows shaped, it’s best to visit a professional salon and have them done by a trained beautician. They can also advise you about semi-permanent make-up solutions to give your brows more shape and definition.

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