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4 Fresh Spring Beauty Trends

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your beauty routine, as we finally slough off the gloom of winter. With the promise of warmer days that are kinder to our skin and hair, it’s worth doing some fine tuning to give yourself a spring boost! Here are some of the new beauty trends to offer a little inspiration.

Soft glowing complexions

Full on foundation coverage is out for spring, according to OK! Magazine. Instead, products which have a weightless formula to give your complexion a dewy glow are the key look of the season. Tinted balms, facial oils, and tanning drops can help you to achieve that summery radiance.

Micro-mani nails

The micro-mani trend combines the classic sophistication of a French manicure with a small detail, such as a heart motif, on each nail. It’s a way to add to easily add some fun and interest to your nails, without the high-maintenance of full colour. You can paint your own designs with the end of a make-up brush, or buy ready-made nail art stickers.

Flicky hair

The bob is the hairstyle of the season, according to the Standard. Maybe as we have all got tired of wrestling with tangled, over-long locks during last years’ lockdowns, shorter hair feels like a refreshing change. Flicked up ends which emulate the 1960s hairstyles are in, to give some lift and life to the classic bobbed look.

90’s style brows

The 1990s continue to have a fashion moment, from mom jeans to poker straight hair. The 90s eyebrow is also back, but with a more subtle and sophisticated touch than back then. Overplucking is to be avoided. The shape is slimmed, but not so drastically as to alter the balance of the face, and the fullness and texture of the brow is maintained.

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