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Tattoos or Microblading: Which Is Right For You?

Thick, well-styled and well-defined eyebrows are a fantastic way to frame your face and showcase your eyes, which is why so eyebrow products are doing so well.

According to a survey by NPD, eyebrow product sales rose by 5 per cent in May, when a lot of makeup products fell as a result of the lockdown.

People are expressing themselves more with their eyes, as in public people are for the most part wearing masks.

Two particular semi-permanent treatments have become very popular as people want the defined look. Whilst they are in some ways very similar, microblading and eyebrow tattoos are very different treatments in practice, and one may be more suited to the look you want than the other.

Eyebrow Tattoos

Eyebrow tattoos, like tattoos anywhere else on your body, use a tattoo needle to inject pigment into the dermal layer of the skin (between the muscle tissue and the top epidermis layer), drawing extra definition and shape to your existing eyebrows.

They are ideal if you regularly use a particular style of eyebrow makeup, as it enables you to have that look without having the problems of smudging and asymmetry you sometimes get with makeup.


Microblading is a similar technique in principle to tattooing, in that you are injecting pigment into the skin. However, it uses a completely different technique to manage this, making microblading in Hull and across the UK very popular.

Microblading involves an exceptionally fine blade, which creates hair-thin slices in the skin and deposits pigment into the upper dermal region giving the illusion of perfectly groomed eyelashes.

It is ideal for a more natural look, or a look you can adapt and add different styles to.

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