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Model Makes Monobrows Cool Again

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

In the 1990s, everyone plucked the life out of their eyebrows, hoping to achieve super-skinny, super-arched brows. However, times have changed since then and the naughties brought the trend for thicker, bolder, more natural-looking brows.

Of course, not everyone is blessed with strong eyebrows, which is why microblading in Hull has become hugely popular as lots of us try to create that natural look with the help of semi-permanent make-up.

Someone who doesn’t have to worry about thickening up her brows, however, is model Sophia Hadjipanteli.

The Greek-Cypriot, who now lives in the US, has shunned conventional beauty standards by showing off her rather sizeable unibrow.

Last week, the 22-year-old appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss her most famous feature, revealing she has received unpleasant comments about her brows in the past, Yahoo! Lifestyle reported.

“I get a lot of death threats,” the model stated, adding: “It’s disgusting but then you think how is it that somewhere somebody has been told that it’s so unacceptable to look the way I do that it infuriates them to the point where they have to threaten my life.”

Sophia, who has proved a hit on social media and amassed 326,000 followers on Instagram, said she grew up in a conservative part of Maryland, and struggled with her natural looks that set her apart from others in the area.

However, since then, she has learnt to love her features and has even named her monobrow ‘Veronika’.

Indeed, it has gained a following of its own too, with Sophia having had modelling jobs for huge brands like Fenty Beauty and Chanel.

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