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Microblading ‘A Top Treatment For Brits Post-Lockdown’

During the nationwide lockdown in the UK we had months where we were unable to visit a beauty salon. Even when businesses started to reopen, beauty salons were among the last that were allowed to open their doors to customers under government guidance.

It seems that while everyone was at home, certain home treatments gained in popularity, but there are some treatments you just can’t replicate yourself, like microblading eyebrows in Hull or wherever you live.

Dazed Digital recently shared the findings of a survey conducted by Candela Medical, which found that microblading was among the most popular beauty treatments being searched for as lockdown came to an end.

In fact, searches for microblading were up by 80 per cent since mid-March, while lip augmentation was another popular treatment that people were searching for in the same period.

Also on the up were laser hair removal and dermaplaning, which is a type of exfoliating treatment that not only removes dead skills but also triggers the skin regeneration process.

It seems that facial features became something of a focus for many of us during lockdown due to the prevalence of video conference calls. Not only were people only able to see your face during a call, but being able to see yourself on screen made many of us wonder if there were steps we should be taking to improve our appearance.

Cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho told Harper’s Bazaar that our facial features that are typically closest to the camera, such as our nose, are the ones that people are particularly keen to alter.

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