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A Quick Guide To At-Home Eyebrow Care

Although you may not be able to pop in and see us here at Katie’s Cosmetics to have your semi permanent eyebrows done professionally, you can still prioritise eyebrow care at home so that when we are finally allowed back out and about again, you know your brows still look beautiful - no matter what.

This is actually the perfect time to focus on self-care and it can prove to be very meditative indeed, helping to ease any feelings of anxiety that you may be experiencing because of the pandemic.

To ensure that your eyebrows stay luscious and healthy, we suggest tweezing any stray hairs after you hop out of the shower, as your follicles will be more open so the hairs will come out easier.

Also try not to pluck every day, as this can easily lead to thinner over-plucked brows - simply tweeze when you see hairs out of place for perfectly neat eyebrows.

When tweezing, always pull the hair in the direction of growth so you can reduce the risk of getting any ingrown hairs. If you see a little black dot where you pulled from, it means you left some of the follicle behind.

You can also give your brows a bit of a treat with some natural oils, such as coconut, which can help protect and moisturise them. Almond oil, meanwhile, is very nutrient-rich - with vitamins A, B, D and E all included - perfect for nourishing your hair.

We’d love to hear how you’re looking after yourselves at the moment and how you’re coping during lockdown. Get in touch to let us know - and don’t forget to pop in and see us for some well-earned beauty treatments after restrictions have been lifted.

Find out how to grow big bold brows on the Cosmopolitan website.

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